Criminal Defense

If you are facing a criminal charge, you are fighting a legal war that might change the course of your life forever. That is why you ought to hire an experienced lawyer for your criminal defense. We are a leading law firm in North Carolina, and we dedicate all available resources and effort towards your criminal law defense. We work with individuals from all over North Carolina who have been charged with all kinds of crimes, whether at state, municipal or federal courts in North Carolina. Whether you have been accused of felony or misdemeanor in Greensboro, allow our criminal lawyers to fight for you.

Our prestigious Greensboro’s office thrives in strong representation in disciplinary and administrative proceedings. Our attorneys are aggressive, experienced and passionate when speaking on behalf of the clients who contact or offices with felony and misdemeanors cases.

Criminal Defense

Here Are Some Of Our Defense Practice Areas:

  • Violent crimes- alleged arson, armed robbery, burglary, carjacking, breaking in as well as assault and battery.
  • DUI/DWI- purported Driving Under Influence, license cancellation and restorations.
  • Drug crimes-alleged drug trafficking, possession, transportation, distribution, and manufacturing, possession for sale and marijuana cultivation
  • Domestic violence- alleged domestic battering or assault; we also handle lifting of 50-B protective restraining order
  • Expungements- when an individual has a misdemeanor charge on their records, it becomes challenging to find an apartment, job, credit facility among other benefits. If you have a misdemeanor conviction or charge and have had a clean record since then, our criminal lawyers can help you have the charged removed.
  • Probation violations-purported failure to comply with a court order, failing to submit to an obligatory drug test, failing to undertake mandatory community service, unlawful ownership of a weapon, associating with known felons, not reporting to your probation officer or to appear in court, among other criminal offenses
  • Sex crimes- alleged child enticement, indecent exposure, child abuse, child pornography, juvenile sex crimes, marital rape, internet pornography, molestation, pimping, prostitution, obscenity, pandering, pornography, rape, sexual harassment, lascivious conduct, statutory rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse.
  • White collar crimes- alleged bribery, business theft, computer tampering, computer crimes, bankruptcy fraud, business fraud, embezzlement, environmental crimes, counterfeiting, enterprise corruption, credit card fraud, extortion, government fraud, forgery, identity theft, insider trading, internet fraud, import/export crimes, mail fraud, medical fraud, money laundering, mail fraud, mortgage fraud, pension fund crimes, racketeering, securities fraud, wireless tampering, possession of stolen property, occupational crimes, public corruption, real estate fraud, tax fraud, wire fraud; among others
  • Personal injury-purported trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, bicycle accidents, traumatic brain injury, premise liability, spinal cord injury and workmen’s compensation.
  • Weapon crimes-alleged unlawful possession of weapon or illegal firearm, assault with a deadly weapon, possession of stolen weapon, minor in possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, concealed-carry-violations, and weapons trafficking

Why You Should Hire Our Qualified Greensboro Criminal Defense Lawyers

From the moment you walk into our offices seeking the services of our experienced and highly skilled criminal defense attorneys, they start preparing for your case. The lawyers are skilled negotiators who will get you a fair plea when necessary, and if it is in your best interest, but only when you agree to it.

Most of our attorneys are former District Attorneys, who have strengthened our firm’s defense practice department. Their experience makes it easier for us to win cases since we are aware of how they ate handled from the other side. Their expertise enables us to spot discrepancies in the prosecution’s case against our clients and also anticipate the prosecution’s next tactic. We will also act quickly on your behalf. All of our criminal defense lawyers have worked as prosecutors at some point in their career. Thus, they have both defense and prosecution experience.

Unlike sole practitioners, our lawyers guarantee you of victory in your criminal case. We ensure the protection of the reputation and the rights of our clients. Remember that experience counts.