Trucking Accidents

Truck Accident LawyerTrucking accidents can cause huge collateral damage. Basically, a vehicle many times the size of a regular car collides with it. And when pedestrians are involved, the injuries can be fatal. This is why truckers and trucking companies are under strict guidelines that they must comply with. After an accident, lawyers may have to become involved to determine if any of these restrictions have been violated.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that one out of nine traffic fatalities in 2008 involved a large truck (weight over 10 000 pounds). Also in 2008, 4229 people died in America as a result of truck accidents. Additionally, there were 90 000 that were injured. The fatal crash rate is 50% greater for trucks than for automotive vehicles on average. When passenger vehicles and trucks collide, there is a 32:1 ratio for fatalities.

Studies show that a huge factor in these truck collisions is fatigue. Many of these truckers spend long hours on the road. There are also other factors that could contribute to a crash. These are inadequate trucker training, driver substance abuse, road rage, failure to obey traffic laws such as speed limits, improperly maintained vehicles, improper loading, and driver inattention to the task at hand.

Semi Truck AccidentIf a person is involved in a collision with a truck, there will be many parties involved. In terms of the truck, there are different people that could be liable. The trucking company, owner of the cab, or the owner of the trailer might be responsible in certain cases. And with each different component to ownership of the truck may come varied insurance companies.

When these accidents occur, often various parties are available at the scene upon minutes of the accident. Truckers have certain protocol that they need to follow after a collision. When you hire a truck accident attorney, you will be afforded the same kind of attention in the event of an accident. The best idea in the event of an accident is to talk to the lawyer first. If you begin to talk with other parties involved, you might lose your claim altogether.

It is not necessarily something that you want to plan for, but these truck accidents can happen anytime during your daily commute. And really, only a lawyer will be prepared with the in’s and out’s of this process when the accident does happen. You do not have to know the protocol. Just call a lawyer and wait for the accident lawyer to arrive at the scene of the accident.

Banner Trucking AccidentsLawyers know how to pit it out with insurance companies. They will ensure that you get fair compensation for your losses and injuries. You can also be assured that you are talking to a party that is on your side, not one that wants to protect their company from any liability.

When you get in an accident, you might suffer serious loss. Your insurance rates can go up to non-affordable rates if you do not take actions to protect yourself. Truckers are trained to protect their companies, so lawyers will step up on your end and uphold your interests and rights in the situation.