Pay Attention to Distracted Driving!

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Reckless Taxi Cab Drivers Rarely Held Responsible for Bad Driving
March 21, 2018

You know how it is: as usual, you’re running late for work. You think, “I’ll make those calls on the road to save time.” So you pick up your phone and start dialing. Or maybe you’re running late and decide to text your boss to let her know. Makes sense, right? In our busy schedules, any way to cut corners and save time is a big help.

Unfortunately, your time-saving strategy is actually a form of “distracted driving,” an illegal activity that can not only earn you a traffic ticket, but it can also cause serious damage to people and property. The car stops being a mode of transportation and becomes a death trap when drivers take their eyes off the road and their mind off driving. Multi-tasking is not a requirement for the driver position.

The sad reality is that distracted driving could cost you everything, including your freedom.…

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